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Hotova CrossFit is a community-built workout group for all fitness levels. If you feel out of shape, if you have never stepped into a gym, or if you just want to be active and healthy, come on in! Our program is equally beneficial to someone who has a regular fitness routine but is just bored, looking to mix things up, or aiming to grow in strength, endurance and flexibility.


You will be exposed to Crossfit training. Constant varied, functional fitness at high intensity,  performed relative to each individual fitness level. Group coaching environment.


Our job as a coach goes beyond the workout floor. We have a well-structured plan to hold you accountable and motivated in and out of the gym.


You will be surrounded by supportive , friendly, and non- judgmental group of like-minded people, that works together to become the best version of themselves regardless of age and fitness level.


You will learn why nutrition, proper training exercises, and mindset are fundamentals to your wellbeing.

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Hotova CrossFit is great! I joined this gym after being convinced by a friend that I should try CrossFit. I would have to say that I love it! The coaches at Hotova are great and will help you reach your goals - whatever they may be. The fellow members have been great and supportive as well! Additionally, I have appreciated the different fitness related "challenges" for members (and non-members, alike) to participate in. Join this gym or drop in - you will not be disappointed!

John Wick

I can't honestly say that I jump out of bed excited to go workout--it pretty much takes all I have to get out of bed to get to Hotova. The boost that gets me there is the comradery I've found in (any of) the Hotova classes I go to, the coaches that push me that extra (2.5) pound(s) and the way I feel after a work out. I have never worked out like I work out at Hotova. I am pushed every time I step into the box. My lifestyle has changed for the healthier and I've made some pretty amazing friends....so in all, it's worth getting out of bed for!

Angie 'Fix' Mullenbach

Ive been to a lot of CrossFit gyms across the country and this gym embodies everything that CrossFit is. Helpful and welcoming owners, committed members, and a competitive atmosphere. It is no wonder they are so successful. If you feel like you want to try it, and are a bit intimidated by anything you've heard about Crossfit...just walk through the door...you won't regret it!!!!

Ben Pattee

I was visiting the area on vacation and found Hotova on the web and was able to drop in for 3 classes. Great coaching, great members, and great box! I felt like I was a long time member and everyone was friendly and supportive. Not sure if I will be back next summer, but if you are looking for a great place to work out and meet your goals, I recommend giving Dean and Giane a try. You will not be disappointed! Wilson Hoke, Bethlehem PA.

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