Training to Climb

By October 12, 2015 July 24th, 2019 Andrea's Articles
At Hotova CrossFit, we train to live.  Some of our clients are interested in competing with other CrossFit athletes; some are looking to improve strength and endurance for other athletic endeavors; many find CrossFit training is just a good path for overall health and fitness.  Along the way, they often take on other pursuits, including fundraising runs, walks, and climbs.  One of our members has a personal connection to such an event, and she is looking for some company on an upcoming climb.
Rhonda Whittaker has a personal reason for participating in the annual Fight for Air Stair Climb:
In 2013, one of my oldest and closest friends let me know her sister had been diagnosed with lung cancer, Nikki had on a fluke decided to get a body scan for $50, through that body scan her cancer was detected, she had never smoked a day in her life, so this diagnosis was a shock.  she battled hard and always with compassion for others and a great sense of humor! Nikki was diagnosed in the summer of 2012 and passed away a short time later in January 2013.
Through this tragedy I saw a side of my friend Wendy, Nikki’s sister, really take a stand and start to shine, Wendy knew that she wanted to help other people avoid going through what her family did with losing Nikki, she stepped way out of her comfort zone and strated telling Nikki’s story everywhere she had the chance, this past June, she was recognized nationally for all of her exhaustive efforts. In 2014, Wendy and several of other friends did their first climb in Oklahoma, it was great to see the photos, hear the stories and cheer them on from a distance – Team NIkki raised a LOT of $$ (Top team fundraisers in ’14 and ’15!) This inspired me to want to join in! In January 2015 I climbed the stairs for the first time in Minneapolis and then did it again in OKC a month later!
Team Nikki North was small last year, myself, my son Weston and my friend Jody – my goal is to grow Team Nikki (taking her nation wide!!) in Minnesota and I already have several friends that have committed to climbing with us in 2016!
We trained, but living in a small town, hi-rises with a lot of stairs are hard to come by, so we went up and down a LOT at the high school steps, but about flight 5 of the actual climb, Jody and I (Weston blazed past and finished in 5 minutes!) realized why they have you climb straight up the stairs and how hard it was to breath as we went further up!This climb helps raise money to combat all lung diseases – I decided to climb not only for Nikki, for my aunt Lou that died of lung disease and my Uncle Eddie who had COPD.  Through Wendy I have learned that lung cancer is the #1 killer of women and hopefully through efforts we all make to raise money and awareness, we can help find a cure
Please join me on Team Nikki North and climb with us, or help support us through a donation!
This coming year, Rhonda is working to grow Team Nikki North, and she is recruiting her CrossFit friends.  The event takes place February 27, 2016.  Registration is just $15 a person, with a fundraising expectation of $100.  If you are interested in making the climb, check out Rhonda’s team page by clicking here.  There are more details about the event here.  Set a goal for your fit self and start stepping!
Team Nikki North 2015