Tips for Beginners

By June 9, 2015 December 14th, 2016 Andrea's Articles
Everyone has to start somewhere, sometime.  At Hotova CrossFit, we believe the place is our box and the time is right now!  You’ve heard everyone at work and church and school talking about CrossFit– maybe too much– but the reason why they’re talking it up is because they’re so excited about it!  Being part of a supportive CrossFit community gives you the power to change your health, your strength, your outlook on life!
Maybe you’re nervous.
Are you afraid you’re not “fit” enough to get started in CrossFit?  We can certainly put those fears to rest.  At Hotova, the clientele includes people in their early teens, those in their late-fifties, and many in between.  We have current military members and veterans, high school athletes, moms of young kids and older ones, people who travel extensively on business and just about everyone else you can think of!  Our coaches will meet you where you are, whether you are a seasoned gym rat or a reforming couch potato.  The environment is not intimidating but supportive.  Coaches and fellow clients alike will be excited for your success, but not nearly as thrilled as you will be with yourself.
We asked our clients to respond to some common misconceptions, and to give us their best beginner tips, and here’s what they said:
“I’ve never worked out before– CrossFit looks too hard!”Don’t compare yourself to a competitive CrossFit athlete.  Most of us are not at that level; many of us do not even aspire to that level.  The beautiful thing about CrossFit is that workouts are scaled to each individual’s ability level.  The coaches will start you slow, assess your abilities, and build from there.  Everyone in the box is doing the same workout… but no one is doing exactly the same workout.
“What’s a ‘box?'”
“Box” is just the unique-to-CrossFit word for gym.  There are other terms, too, that you will learn as you begin to attend boot camp classes:
WOD– Workout of the Day
AMRAP– As Many Rounds As Possible
Rx– the prescribed workout/competition level
Hero WOD– an especially challenging workout, usually formulated and named after a specific veteran
“The gym is boring.”
We agree that running on a treadmill for hours on end is boring, and not very productive, either.  It is truly impossible to be bored doing CrossFit.  The moves and workouts are so varied– combining endurance moves like running and rowing with gymnastics, calisthenics, and weights– and they are different every day.  At Hotova, the coaches repeat a WOD maybe once every three months, and that is mainly to track progress.
“I tried CrossFit once and I was too sore to go back.”
That may be part of the problem– If your muscles are sore, it is best to go back.  Try again.  Stretch out and keep moving.  That’s what’s best for your body in the long run.  And things get so much better.  The first week is tough, but we all help each other through it.  Get adequate rest, eat lots of protein, drink water, and come back.
“I’m afraid of getting hurt.”
It is possible to injure yourself doing any kind of exercise, or none at all.  The coaches at Hotova CrossFit will assess your individual abilities and limitations and talk to you about your concerns.  No one is going to encourage you to do something risky.  We all have each other’s best interests in mind.
“I bet it’s too expensive.”
Membership at Hotova CrossFit is assessed on a monthly basis.  You can sign up to come three-times-weekly or an unlimited number of times.  There are discounts for health insurance, couples, those in public service and more.  We also offer punch cards, where you can pay just $10 per time to drop in as you are available.  CrossFit does cost more than a standard gym membership, because you are getting so much more.
“Do I need special CrossFit clothes?  What do I wear?!”
Come as you are.  You will want to wear decent running or cross-training shoes, shorts or exercise pants and a t-shirt.  Bring your water bottle.
When you are ready to make the leap, we’ll be ready for you.  All you have to do is show up.  Once that happens, be sure to read the following article, which provides some excellent tips for beginners.  Start strong and stay strong:
Among the important tips in that piece are two key words: DIET and YOGA.  The coaches at Hotova CrossFit agree that how you eat and how you stretch are essential to your overall health, and to building strength and endurance.  We are adding a weekly yoga session starting in mid-June and are in talks with a dietitian to schedule classes to bring you the best information about how to fuel your body.  Stay tuned!  And, we really hope to see you soon!