Run With Us

By May 5, 2015 December 14th, 2016 Andrea's Articles
CrossFit is a community-built workout program, and at Hotova CrossFit in Buffalo, Minnesota we enjoy getting everyone from the box together for group activities and a little fun competition.  Running is an important element of CrossFit training (see an earlier blog post on how runners can benefit from CrossFit) and our next event is going to be a 5K Run!
The owner-coaches of Hotova CrossFit invite everyone– box members, those who are interested in CrossFit, and just anyone who likes to run– to join us for our first5K Run on Friday, May 8 at 5 p.m.Gather at Hotova CrossFit at that time to meet the other runners, stretch and warm up as a group, and then… we’re off!  Come on your own, bring your running group, or make it a family activity.  This is all for fun and fitness, but there may be prizes for the speediest among us!  Have fun, get fit, and run with us at Hotova CrossFit!