Loving a Cat AND CrossFit

By November 13, 2017 Inspirational Stories

Kayla Myhre has a lot of ideas about CrossFit.  Some of them are popular, just as you’d expect from a strong, young, energetic woman.  Others, well, some of Kayla’s other ideas may not ever catch on (we hope and pray) but those ideas just make everyone in the Hotova community love her more.


25-year-old Kayla is a newlywed and an elementary teacher.  She’s been an active CrossFit athlete for a little more than two years, and she works out in the 5:30 a.m. class, along with Saturday Partner WODs.  Along with teaching, Myhre is a volleyball coach.  She stays additionally active by dancing and singing along to everything… all… the… time.


She just cannot contain her CrossFit love: “It is hard to choose just one ‘like’ about CrossFit,” Kayla gushed.  “I fell in love with CrossFit after learning that it is so much more than just a training plan and way better than my typical, solo-headphone workout.


“The coaches are incredible, constantly helping you reach your goals and pushing you to do things you never thought possible.  The community and atmosphere that Hotova has created is even more incredible.  It is truly a place where, no matter what class you attend, you always feel welcome.


“You also never feel alone.  It’s the only gym I’ve been a part of where you train together, sweat together, and suffer together.  They also don’t mind my bad dance moves or sudden outburst in made-up song lyrics.  It truly is a family-like feeling and I have made so many friends.  The coaches and members are the main reasons I continue to come back.  I honestly cannot say enough good things about Hotova and what it has done for me!”


Her coaches agree Kayla’s enthusiasm is contagious.  “You just couldn’t ask for a better athlete to coach,” Dean Tonev said.  “Kayla bursts in every morning with a smile on her face, ready to go.  She pushes herself and seems to have a great time doing it!”


Kayla has competed in a number of area CrossFit events, but, mostly, she’s in it to challenge herself, and to burn off all the treats that come from her little charges.  “I tie shoes, fix friendships, help set goals, and plan awesome activities, all while teaching them how to read, write, and do math,” Myhre said of her students.  “It is the most rewarding job and is so fun to see how much kids can grow in just a year! I love school just as much as they do.”

Myhre lives in Greenfield with her husband Jordan and their cat Lola.  Lola is the main subject of Kayla’s less-popular CrossFit ideas.  “I keep offering to bring in my cat for a Partner WOD,” the athlete giggled.  “Wouldn’t that be fun?!”  Kayla’s regular, human partners– Steph, Andrea and Megan– all agree it would not be fun.  “No cats at CrossFit,” Steph stated.


Kayla will have to pursue her CrossFit goals in a non-feline direction.  She said her top goal is to always be at least five minutes early to class; she typically makes it.  And there’s more: “I always go into a workout with a goal of being faster and stronger than I was yesterday. I am currently working on mastering handstand push-ups and double-unders. I would like to be able to do more than 10 in a row.  My long-term goal is to be able to do a handstand walk.”


She has one more goal, too, and it’s a common one around Hotova CrossFit: Kayla aims to buy smaller pants.  She’s inspirational and admired just the way she is.  When you step into the box and meet Kayla, you’ll get a wide grin, followed by a few Zumba moves, and, probably, a story about Lola.