Key to Health: Body Fat Testing

By July 27, 2015 December 14th, 2016 Andrea's Articles
At Hotova CrossFit, we are committed to building overall health and fitness.  This involves more than just workouts.  We support our clients in attaining their goals of work balance, healthy sleep patterns, diet and more.  To that end, we are partnering with Gold Standard Testing to offer a MOBILE HYDROSTATIC BODY FAT TEST. Tomorrow morning, July 28, at Hotova CrossFit, 220 Capital Dr., Suite 100 in Buffalo, we will have this safe, simple, personalized test.
For a $49 fee, you will receive a detailed printout, including the following information:
*body fat and lean mass percentages, and their weights
*how the body fat percentage compares with others in the same age group
*how much fat– if any– needs to be lost to reach composition goals
*basal metabolic rate: how many calories per day are burned without exercising
*personal caloric intake and expenditure chart
*historical readings and progress from previous tests
Testing takes only 10 minutes and is conducted in complete privacy.  A trained technician conducts the testing and answers all questions.  The actual test takes place underwater, with the subject submerged in warm water for only a few seconds.  The test concludes with a realistic and accurate baseline to establish individual fitness goals.
Anyone interested in the Hydrostatic Body Fat Test should call Dean today at 763-229-2670 to make an appointment.  Bring a swimsuit and towel.  Eating up to two hours prior to the test may affect results by up to 1.5%.  Working out and drinking water will not adversely affect the test.  Using the restroom and showering beforehand is recommended.  Makeup and hair products are not allowed in the testing tank.  Payment by cash or check is due at the time of service.  We look forward to helping you achieve your health and lifestyle goals and we hope to see you tomorrow!