Getting Schooled

By October 26, 2017 Community

Buffalo High School students stretched, warming up for their first WOD at Hotova CrossFit.

At Hotova CrossFit, we believe our programming works for a wide range of ages and physical abilities, and we particularly enjoy sharing plans with young people.  The goal for them is the same as the goal for all: to get set on a path of wellness for life.  When Buffalo High School (BHS) health and physical education teacher Aaron Johnson contacted Hotova CrossFit about an introductory class for his students, owners Dean and Giane Tonev jumped at the opportunity.


Mr. Johnson teaches a course called Current Health Trends.  Each Friday, the students meet to explore different trends in exercise, with a goal of exposing students to opportunities within those fitness areas.  As Johnson introduced his pupils to CrossFit, the natural next step was to get them to a box and to power through a Workout of the Day (WOD).


This is the second year Johnson’s class has teamed up with Hotova CrossFit, and Dean Tonev is excited for high school kids to learn about the benefits of CrossFit.  “It’s so much fun when the kids come,” he said.  “It’s always a large group, full of energy, and they really throw themselves into their workout– they’re not afraid to try anything!”


Johnson brought a bus with 16 students this time, with a range of interests and athletic abilities.  “We have a good mix of athletes and non-athletes,” the teacher explained.  “The class is an elective class and I think the kids enjoy the class because we look at health in a different light than what they have done in their previous health classes.”


Junkyard dog exercises helped classmates become teammates.

“I want to introduce the students to many different fitness options that are out there and help them find one or two that they love and will keep them active for many years to come,” he went on.  Tonev agreed, “He (Johnson) asked if I would want to teach the class and I loved the idea.”  The course also introduces students to other exercise programs, including Zumba, boot camp, yoga, and PIYO.


“Dean has been awesome to work with and super-supportive of our class,” Johnson complimented.  He believes there are good reasons Hotova CrossFit has become such a successful box and he wanted the students to see that.  “I think it is valuable because of the growth and popularity of CrossFit,” the teacher said.  “I also think the social aspect of CrossFit is appealing to many people and I wanted my students to see what it was like to be encouraged and challenged by a group of supporters.”

The workout included dumbbell snatches, with a focus on form and function.

When the BHS students returned to school, they reflected on the workout and offered very positive feedback.  Johnson shared, “The students liked the pace of it, they liked the variety of exercises, and they liked the box and the music that helped motivate them.  They also thought both instructors were very positive.”


Coach Kristin Lotthammer said, naturally, that was the case: “It was so much fun!  I can’t think of a better way to spend a morning!”


Mr. Johnson’s goal with the course is simply to introduce, explore and inspire.  He said he thinks his class did all of that at Hotova CrossFit.  “I hope they found a fun option to continue to stay active and healthy once they leave BHS,” he wished.


Students and teacher practice squatting with medicine balls in anticipation of wall balls during the WOD.