Fitness Testing: What and Why

By November 13, 2017 Community

Throughout the month of November, Hotova CrossFit programming includes nine days of fitness testing.  Simply put, a fitness test (or fitness evaluation or fitness assessment– take your pick) is just a measure of an athlete’s ability.  When the same test is taken at a later date, it is a way to track progress.

The coaches at Hotova CrossFit believe fitness tests are good markers of both the health status and physical fitness of athletes, as well as ways to measure programming and coaching efficacy.  There are an endless number of possible tests and measurements that trainers and coaches may use to determine an individual’s baseline fitness level.  Here at Hotova CrossFit, the fitness testing is a series of nine different assessments, given to all athletes who enter the box on designated days, and then repeated in about six months.


“Fitness testing is important for all of us at Hotova CrossFit to assess and measure progress,” said Dean Tonev, owner and coach.  “We want to make sure our members are working up to the best of their abilities and making constant improvements.”  Certain, simple steps must happen, however, for fitness testing to work:

  1. Athletes must show up and participate in fitness testing.
  2. Testing must be done consistently, with the same instruction and standards applied to all.
  3. Clients must accurately and specifically track their fitness testing results.


That third piece may be most crucial.  “If this is going to work, everyone has to record their scores, so that we can refer back to them later,” Tonev explained.  He urged all clients to record their scores in Zen Planner under “workouts,” along with detailed notes, including the class time of day, the coach, how the client felt about the assessment, and anything else that might be pertinent.


“It will be great to go back in half a year and see how our clients are progressing,” said Giane Tonev.  The owners have been a bit surprised by the apprehension surrounding fitness testing, and continue to ease members’ minds.  “This is a good thing… we are all coming a long way,” Giane assured.  Click here for another good resource on the benefits of fitness testing.  In the meantime, show up, work out, and record results.