Fitness First, Long-Term Wellness, Definitely His Real Name

By October 17, 2017 Inspirational Stories

He gets it a lot: Yes, Rock is his real name.  It’s a family name, and one that’s rather ironic, considering he’s the owner of a granite top company and also the athlete with the deepest history at Hotova CrossFit.

“I’m pretty much the longest-standing member; I was basically the first one in the box,” Rock explained.  “I starting working out with my family and a few friends before the gym officially opened.”  New members or visitors who meet Bobick today would have no idea that his nearly three years of CrossFit make up the whole of his lifetime exercise experience.  He laughed, “No, nope, I never worked out before this, never.”


His coaches still shake their heads with a little bit of disbelief, but marvel at the 46-year-old’s progress and dedication.  “Look at him!” Giane Tonev exclaimed.  “He is completely transformed!  Anyone would have a hard time believing that he’s actually still kind of new to working out!”

A regular member of the 5:30 a.m. class, Bobick embraces the challenge of a tough WOD and enjoys the friendships he’s made at Hotova CrossFit.  The early athlete even finds a few minutes for “coffee time” after morning workouts.  Then, the Buffalo husband and dad of three girls heads home to get ready for work as owner of Northstar Granite Tops in Maple Lake.  “I do everything it takes to keep a small business operating,” he said.  Bobick can also draw parallels between being a successful business owner and a successful CrossFit athlete: dedication, consistency, precision, attention to detail, and more dedication.



Coach-owner Dean Tonev appreciates that level of dedication and the business perspective Rock brings to the box.  “Hotova CrossFit is successful largely because of the hard work and input of people like Rock,” he said.  “Yes, he shows up and works hard every day, for every WOD, but we also have Rock to thank for many improvements around this place.  He clearly cares about our success, too.”

Rock Bobick has pushed himself physically and mentally, competing in multiple box events, including the Murph Team Challenge.  He was also part of a team at the 2016 Granite Games.  They called themselves “Scaled As Heck,” working up to their full ability but not taking themselves too seriously.  Rock continued the ruse when asked to describe his CrossFit goals: “To compete at the CrossFit Games with the likes of Froening, Smith and Somebody’s-Dottir.  If I cannot compete, I will still go and sell corn dogs for my brother Doug.”