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A Family Affair

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Meet the Soucys, rich in love of family and loyalty to country. Dad Mike, mom Nicole and son Mason have all become dedicated members of the Hotova CrossFit family, but they’ve come to the box at different times and for different reasons. Daughter Michaela, a talented athlete in her own right, is the only non-Hotova family member, but all the Soucys find ample ways to support one another.

45-year-old Mike arrived first. The way owner-coach Dean Tonev tells it, “I got to the gym to open up. It’s, like, 5:00 in the morning, and there is a motorcycle parked outside and this big guy just laying on the lawn. To tell the truth, I was a little scared!” Mike has been a member of Hotova CrossFit since that morning in July of 2015. He usually attends 5:30 a.m. class, but it depends on his work schedule. Mike is a Minneapolis police officer, primarily responding to 911 calls as he works dog watch downtown. Mike also does bike patrol– which he especially enjoys– and teaches defensive tactics, and is a member of the honor guard. “But my first career I was a Marine,” he said. “Once a Marine, always a Marine.”

Mason is 15 years old, and describes his profession as lacrosse player, though he also happens to be a student at Monticello High School. He has been coming to Hotova CrossFit off-and-on over the past couple years, and Mason always works out with his dad. About CrossFit, Mason said, “I just like to go.” Mason believes the training is making him more explosive on the lacrosse field.

Nicole, 42, is the newest Soucy to join Hotova CrossFit. “Mike suggested I come,” Nicole said. “Then, Mike suggested it again. Then, Mike offered to sign me up. Then, Mike threatened to sign me up,” she chuckled. Well, something like that. Nicole works as a toxicologist, studying chemicals and how they impact human health. She teams with product development groups at 3M to help make sure medical devices and pharmaceuticals are safe for their intended uses. Nicole got serious about her own health by joining Hotova CrossFit, beginning with a couple rounds of FitCamp, starting in January, 2017. These days, Nicole hits the 7:30 p.m. Active class, but tries to get to 5:30 with Mike one day a week.

They all have goals, and it’s sure fun to watch them work. “They’re just a great, supportive family,” coach Giane Tonev said. “It’s fun to work with them– great attitudes, and they support and kind of push one another.”

Mike wants to continue to assist the community, working on becoming a better training partner and friend at the box, and endure the grind, the pain, and the discipline of CrossFit. “I want the hardships,” he said. “I want to be training in 30-plus years.” Mike quoted, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all” and said, in his job, he needs to minimize that, on all fronts.

Nicole is sticking with the goal of just showing up. “Some days, I have to drag myself after a long day, but I never regret it, once I get moving,” she said. Nicole loves that when she walks through the door, she can take off her thinking cap and just sweat. “I work much harder during a class than I ever would on my own,” she confessed.

Mike really considered before making a statement on Hotova CrossFit, its owners and coaches, and especially the community. We appreciate his dedication and share Mike’s sentiment:
“At first I enjoyed the challenge of CrossFit. For 22 years, I belonged to a dedicated and proud organization, USMC (United States Marine Corps.) As a young man, that is what attracted me. I wanted to be pushed mentally and physically. Now that I have retired from the Corps, CrossFit was a good fit. I get to train with absolute monsters at Hotova, folks who enjoy the grind and who are disciplined! As I moved forward with Hotova, I was able to see the great work members do for the community. I have been all over the world helping out others in need, but to help folks in the community means so much to me. Members at Hotova have assisted veterans, with the yearly Murph workout. My Hotova family has donated winter jackets, adopted a family for Christmas, and many other events that I could list. In the Marines, we learn and strive to ‘lead by example’– that is what the coaches at Hotova are doing. Coaches continue with professional development, and, by seeking self-improvement, the members benefit. The Marines live by, ‘DUCTUS EXEMPLO’ which is Latin for ‘lead by example.’ Thank you, coaches and members, for demonstrating this quality, so that it keeps me coming for more! Finally, I value the friends I have made at Hotova. Honestly, there are days I don’t want to come, but, because of my brothers and sisters at Hotova, I go. I enjoy hanging out and catching up with everyone. Semper Fidelis, Hotova.”

Those at Hotova CrossFit who know Mike, who coach him, who work out with him so appreciate the sentiment. Right back at ya, Magic Mike! We’re glad to have you, Soucys!