The Hunger WOD

Is your Zone Diet kicking in? Are you hungry for success?  Are you ready to take a bite out of your coach? We have the perfect competition for you! Announcing: THE HUNGER WOD! Team Hotova vs. [...]

The Time to QUIT is Now

The new year is upon us, and that is the perfect time to QUIT. QUIT procrastinating. QUIT making excuses. QUIT complaining about how tired you are. QUIT feeding poor eating habits. QUIT paying [...]

Training to Climb

At Hotova CrossFit, we train to live.  Some of our clients are interested in competing with other CrossFit athletes; some are looking to improve strength and endurance for other athletic [...]

Nutrition Talk

That was the headline out of this week’s nutrition seminar, hosted by local Holistic Dietitian Melissa Kuzma.  In “Nutrition 101,” Kuzma urged Hotova CrossFit members to find [...]

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