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  • Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology
  • Doctor of Chiropractic degree
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About Bill:

Bill was born in Stacy, Minnesota and now owns a business and lives in the Buffalo community with his wife Shannon and their children Julia, Maya, Eli and Alexa. Before settling here in Minnesota, Bill had a practice in Texas, and that is where he first explored CrossFit. He did CrossFit Endurance workouts on his own, and later joined a local box.

Back in Minnesota, Dr. Carter bought a Buffalo chiropractic clinic, now called InMotion Chiropractic—Pain and Performance Center. He is a chiropractor with emphasis on sports medicine, and is a former strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS.) He stresses the importance of stretching and is often overheard saying, “Mobility is life.” To this end, Bill teaches Hotova CrossFit’s Saturday morning mobility class, dubbed “MoBillity” by members.

He gets in his own WODs generally early weekday mornings, at the 5:30 class. Bill’s favorite movement is the snatch, because he says there’s always room for improvement. His favorite workout is Grace, and his advice for anyone considering CrossFit is simple and straightforward: “Just keep coming. It never gets easier– you just get better.”

When not with his family, coaching or working out, Bill also enjoys playing golf, hunting and fishing. In addition, Dr. Carter tends to the questions and concerns, aches and pains, of many of Hotova’s clients and friends.