What Hotova CrossFit is all about

Hotova CrossFit is a community-built workout group for all fitness levels. If you feel out of shape, if you have never stepped into a gym, or if you just want to be active and healthy, come on in! Our program is equally beneficial to someone who has a regular fitness routine but is just bored, looking to mix things up, or aiming to grow in strength, endurance and flexibility. At Hotova, we will take care of you. We offer a one-hour workout boost, with varied workouts every day to keep you motivated and wanting to come back for more. Whenever necessary, we scale the workouts to each participant’s abilities, physical limitations or past injuries, and individual fitness goals. As your certified coaches, our goal is to keep you healthy and active. The Hotova CrossFit program offers a full-body workout combining elements of cardio, weightlifting, gymnastics, core training, kettle bells and more. We prepare you for the unexpected! CrossFit is the perfect application for any committed individual, regardless of experience. No matter what your fitness goals are, with Hotova CrossFit, we will help you achieve those goals, in a fun and friendly environment. Expect the unexpected and brace yourself for life-changing results. It is never too early or too late to get started– All you need to do is walk through our door and we will handle the rest.